Emily Watson

FERTILITY Wellness Coach,
Educator & Writer

I help women & their partners take control of their health, navigate fertility & find clarity in parenthood.


Building Your Nest?


The journey to building a family is an incredibly exciting one. But it’s also overwhelming, full of more unknowns than knowns. And if you hit any bumps along the road, such as infertility or miscarriage, the journey becomes that much harder, more confusing and frustrating. It’s easy to feel isolated and full of doubt. And if you’ve already started a family, it can at times feel like you’re not in control, that you’ve lost your sense of self. I’m here to change ALL of that.

I’m here to guide you through the ups, downs, light days and dark days of your own unique fertility journey. I help you take back control with practical, effective advice and tricks, reignite your confidence with an empowering  approach, and make you feel supported with a listening ear.

We focus on diet and lifestyle, making changes big and small, and on relationships with yourself and others. When it comes to reproductive health, the process becomes as important as the end goal.

But it’s not just about the now. It’s about the future, when so many of the things you learn during our time together will continue to serve you—even long after you hear the pitter-patter of little feet down the hall.





We watched friends get pregnant easily, while my wife and I struggled. It felt so unfair. I knew the process was taking a toll on my wife, so I gifted her a package with Emily, and we’ll be forever grateful. Chloe found the support she needed through practical advice and a clear plan, which honestly, helped our relationship as much as it enabled Chloe to find light.

/  Zach S., Physician, Age 35  /



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Hi there! I’m Emily Watson.

Fertility wellness coach, educator and writer. My husband and I struggled with infertility and had so many questions along the way. I dug deep into my own health education and nutritional background, poured over the latest research, and altered our nutrition and lifestyle to flip the script and optimize our chance at building a family while pursuing treatment.

Empowered by our journey and inspired by those of countless others I met in the waiting rooms along the way, I ‘m here to guide and support women and couples trying to build their own healthy families.

A southerner turned northerner, my biggest joy comes from leaving the world a little better than it was yesterday. Thanks for stopping in — I’m so glad you’re here!

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