Meet Emily




Hi there! I’m Emily.

I’m a Westchester-based fertility wellness coach, educator and writer on a mission to make healthy families happen. Obsessed with tahini, Post-Its and capsule wardrobes, I’m really excited you’re here.

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After spending years behind the computer screen writing about health, my own infertility struggle inspired me to step out from behind the screen. I now help other women and their partners confront their reproductive health by taking control of their nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset, all while finding peace in the process.

It’s my belief that with healthy habits, intentional practices, and the right ATTITUDE in place, the fertility journey becomes less discouraging and more empowering.

As a certified wellness coach and yoga instructor, my favorite thing about my work is the closer connections I get to grow with my clients. Together, we discover just how much they’re truly capable of.  

I’m a wife, cat mom of two, middle child, and extreme list maker. I like my chocolate super dark and my grain bowls with lots of power greens. A southerner by way of New Hampshire and Philadelphia, I’m now happily settled in Westchester County, NY. I love living in the calm of the suburbs on the verge of NYC chaos.

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My Path to Here

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body—its complex network of organ systems, robust arsenal of signaling hormones, and of course, its ability to reproduce. I studied pre-med (and romance languages—thanks liberal arts degree!) at Dartmouth College, went on to grad school at the University of Pennsylvania to dive deeper into microbiology, anatomy, biochemistry and pathology. While the minutiae piqued my curiosity and helped me understand things at a cellular level, it wasn’t until my health coach training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and my 200 hour yoga teacher training, that I began to understand the bigger picture; I learned not just how the body worked but how we could nurture it so that it functioned better.

I pivoted my career to focus on writing and educating others about cultivating a healthy lifestyle, empowering them through words. But my fertility struggles awakened a new desire to share, educate, engage, and interact with others who share similar experiences with me and to do it all through the lens of reproductive wellness. Through my education and experience, I’ve honed my knowledge and expertise in nutrition, women’s health, habit formation and personal coaching.

I found my sweet spot in making people feel less alone and like they’ve got a plan.

I’m part guide, part cheerleader, and part self-doubt slayer because even the best of us has a little “no” voice inside us. So if I can get you to put one foot in front of the other and be better than you were yesterday, I’ll consider my job a success.